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Arjan Capital is a boutique legal and financial advisory firm, founded by professionals with a deep understanding of Iran.

Our target audience is global firms that intend to enter the Iranian market and leading Iranian corporations that desire to expand globally.

Our approach is an integrated one, pulling on our diversified and considerable in-house expertise to deliver client objectives, practical and actionable solutions.

Our Practice Areas

International Taxation

Arjan assists multinational companies and binational individuals, corporate entities and financial institutions with regard to their tax liabilities in multiple jurisdictions and in connection with their taxable income accrued in Iran.  Arjan regularly advises on Iranian tax matters, taking advantage of bilateral tax treaties ratified by Iran, as well as tax issues relating to FATCA, FBAR, GATCA, AEI, CRS and other transnational tax and accounting matters. We provide legal advisory services relating to compliance with international tax regulations and standards.

Tax Compliance

One of the most valued aspects of our practice continues to be the firm’s dedication to focusing on tax issues at the earliest possible stage of each transaction. We endeavor to find ways to add value by discovering innovative approaches to address the client’s tax exposure, while ensuring full compliance, thereby increasing the overall economic benefits of the deal and often providing the key to a successful transaction. Additionally, our attorneys understand that tax planning must be balanced with other challenges every transaction faces, including operational, accounting, legal, regulatory and financial considerations. We not only identify obscure but also potentially costly tax issues, and solve them with the highest level of expertise. We have a special team dedicated to FATCA, CRS and oher anti-money laundering, transparency and tax exchange information.

Company Formation

Arjan establishes, manages and administers companies, trusts and foundations to meet our clients' specific objectives, which include corporate re-structuring, wealth protection, tax optimization, cross border investments. In Iran, we ensure that the corporate entity you establish best suits your worldwide tax obligations and domestic tax laws in Iran. We provide customized services by following the best compliance standards.

Corporate Finance

Arjan's Corporate Finance serves three types of clients: Reputable foreign firms that seek to enter the large and growing Iranian market, and viable, well-mananged Iranian corporations that seek funding (debt or equity) for expansion into markets outside Iran; Arjan advises start-up companies that need financing and ancillary services.

Our work for the client relies heavily on customary tools such as rigorous financial and market analysis, research as well as innovative legal structuring. Moreover, we conduct our work in concert with expert in-house legal advisors as well as commercial, audit and technical due diligence third-party specialists, in accordance with international best practices.

While Arjan’s objective is the successful consummation of a transaction; joint venture (JV), acquisition, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), public listing, our clients’ interests must be served at all times.

Project Finance

Project finance is most commonly used for capital-intensive projects with relatively transparent and predictable cash flows.

Iran is potentially the land of such projects, especially sectors ranging from energy, power generation and telecommunications to manufacturing and transportation.

These projects need financing and as foreign banking institutions begin to enter Iran or extend credit to Iranian sponsors, the single most viable method of financing will be project finance.

At Arjan we know project finance and can identify those projects that meet the strict criteria of equity and debt providers. However, nearly all projects must be properly defined with bankable feasibility studies, designs and financial modeling, not to mention off take and power purchase agreements, to name a few. We help Iranian sponsors address these requirements, in the absence of which, financing could prove to be difficult.

In short, to attract funding to a project, the project must be “finance” worthy.

International Arbitration & Litigation

We focus on international disputes and are regularly retained to act as counsel in high-value litigation and arbitration cases around the world. Our attorneys are members of the bar in several jurisdictions including Iran and have successfully obtained acclaimed judgments and awards in high profile matters including cases involving multinational companies and entities relating to sovereigns.


Infrastructure & Construction
Energy & Petrochemicals
Banking & Financial Services

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The Team

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Nicholas M. Gilani
Senior Advisor

Dr. Holly H. Akhlaghi
Attorney at Law

Adib Tohme
Attorney at Law

Aria Hamidian
Senior Advisor

Vahid Rahimi
Attorney at Law

Maryam Mahdavi
Attorny at Law

Mahsa Pahlevan
Business Development

Rony Husseini
Attorney at Law

Jean Abboud
Attorney at Law

Rafic Ghraizi
Attorny at Law

Jane Karam
Attorny at Law

Pamela Nohra
Attorny at Law

Faraz Rad
Finantial Advisor

Nima Azaraeen
IT Expert


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